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Welcome to Sui Massage & Beauty...


A small salon based in Norwich, which is owned and run by Abbi. 

Before Abbi's venture to business, she was lucky enough to exprience spas and hotels around the world.

Taking the best techniques, products and ambience to create her own little sanctuary. 


Understanding massage and how it effects the body is a great knowledge in itself.

From healing the body, to relaxing and reducing the effects of everyday stresses and toxins on the body,

she is able to apply the techniques and are able to align the body and the mind.


Abbi is concious of the impact that we have on the enviroment, and tries her utmost to retain harmony between us and nature. 

The treatments and the products used are free from animal cruelty, and are vegan friendly. 

We like to keep it that way, so everyone is welcome. 



Sui = Self


'Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.'
- Epictetus


'I'm becoming more and more myself with time.
I guess that's what grace is.
The refinement of your soul through time.'
- Jewel


Massage is one of the greatest arts in relation to our body.


Its many benefits include;

Boosting the immune system, aiding the digestive system, reducing stress and fatigue, aiding natural sleep and reducing insomnia,

improving the side effects of health conditions including arthritis, improved reduction of toxins in the body,

increased flow of blood to the skin to improve appearance.

There and many, many more reasons to treat yourself to a massage, and feel the benefits for yourself.


*Massages are carried out on a professional basis, threatening or indecent behaviour will not be tolerated*



In addition to massage, Sui also offers beauty treatments such as eyelash/eyebrow treatments, as well as waxing and makeup.


Use the book online link to book your appointment, or simply contact us via telephone;



01603 766245


You can find us at;

1a Magdalen Road,




(next to the Artichoke Public House)


We do have parking outside the front of the salon, which is for the exclusive use of our clients.


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