Massage for Wellbeing

Specialising in massage at Sui, you're sure to find a technique that suits you. Whether you want and upbeat and awakening massage such as the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage or a super chilled CBD oil massage.

Swedish Full Body Massage

Swedish full body massage.

The original massage, good for mind and body. Can be as firm or as soft as you feel.


60 minutes £35

90 minutes £48

120 minutes £55

CBD Oil Massage

Relaxing massage with an oil blend containing hemp derived CBD oil.

A recently popular remedy noted for its pain reducing benefits including; arthritic joints, tender points, muscle spasms, phantom limb pain,

peripheral neuropathy and inflammatory skin conditions to name a few.


60 minutes £40

90 minutes £54

120 minutes £62


Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage

Full body massage, at a slower, more relaxing pace. 

With a blend of essential oils for maximum relaxation, chosen based on individual needs.


60 minutes £35

90 minutes £48

120 minutes £55

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Luxurious massage using Himilayan salt stones, offering many benefits to the body including; 

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation,
Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma,
Alleviate Coughing,
Boost Blood Flow,
Raise Energy Levels,
Sharpen Concentration and Performance,
Enhance Mood. 

A uniquely relaxing and healing treatment. 


60 minutes £40

Hot Stone Massage

Gentle massage using hot basalt stones.

Good for creating warmth, relaxation and healing. Perfect for reaching those deep down aches and pains.



60 minutes £40

90 minutes £54

120 minutes £62

Back, Neck& Shoulder

Massage specifically for the high stress areas of the shoulders, back

and neck. Perfect for relieving tension, aches and pains. Great  treatment for manual workers, office workers and phone addicts alike!


30 minutes £20

60 minutes £35

Pregnancy Massage

1 Hour massage specifically for expectant mothers. Perfect for reducing tension, relieving strain on the body and easing aches and pains. The body is supported with cushions to help your body feel relaxed. Agreement from your midwife or doctor required. MUST BE OVER 12 WEEKS.


(Not suitable for those who are diabetic, those suffering with heart or lung conditions, history of pregancy complications, acute lower back pain, history of clotting, decrease or absense of fetal movement, those suffering from morning sickness)


60 minutes £30

Full Body Exfoliation

Body sweeping with a natural bristle brush and oil, then application of body lotion.

Perfect for removing tired dull skin for a glowing appearance.


Add to your massage treatment for full body rejuvenation.


 30 minutes £15

Little Extras

Indian Head Massage


Thai Foot Massage


30 minutes £20

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