Special Offers




Pregnancy Massage has arrived!


One Hour Pregnancy Massage £35


Agreement from your doctor or midwife will be required due to the individuality of pregnancy requirements, and to ensure that the treatment is suited to your needs.


Please contact us for further details.



Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatments......


Due to the change in temperature, we are happy to share that we have now added paraffin wax treatments to our 'Sui Signature' manicure and pedicures for no additional cost.


A present from us. Happy Change in season! :-)

Tenner Tuesday - EVERY WEEK!


Pleased to add a new perk to Tuesdays.

Choose from one of the following;

-Manicure with gel/vegan polish 
-Pedicure with gel/vegan polish
-Express facial 
-Lash & brow tint

                                                            -Brow wax & tint

                                                              Available on Tuesdays, EVERY WEEK!

*Now accepting plastic*


Thanks to our new high tech system, we are now happy to accept plastic payments, and we have the facility so you are also able to pay with air pay. Get us eh! 

Since the new money is plastic anyway, we thought we'd join in on the fun!! 

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